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Monica Halack

its been 2 years now that we work together with Monica and we have learned to know how a devoted and carring personal she is, EVERYTHING is served with a high level of personal touch with Monica and her staff. she dont miss a single detail and you can find her everywhere at any event she conducts.


we highly recommend her to our clients and every one else that requesting a high level service!

858 735 2771








The Gondola Company

Wedding proposals on a gondola with our stretch limousine service,

One of a kind experience! 

Call our office for details and booking.

Pilates on cue

Jennifer Martin 

Certified Pilates Instructor

760 442 7177 

Amazing one one one trainer,

Makes you want to be back more and more!!

Knowledge and Charisma. Unique approach and very personal touch in every aspect!  Highly recommend her.  Great for everyone plus pregnant ladies!!